Meet the Team

A team of specialists with the skills to make your project happen

Sheffield and York are two of the UK’s powerhouse research universities.  Both have a global reputation for applied scientific research.  We’ve put together a team of specialists with the skills and expertise to make your project happen

  • Andrew Hirst

    Our project manager Andrew is the person you call if you want to make something happen. Tell him what you need and he’ll put you in touch with the right people. Andrew understands how universities and industry work. He has worked in the research and innovation services at the University of Leeds. His own research experience includes commercial ink formulations, polymer composites and enzyme-responsive biomaterials.

  • Beth Medley

    Beth has over 15 years experience of project administration and event management in higher education and local government.  Beth’s primary focus will be to support students to successfully apply for technical summer internships and graduate roles. Beth will also assist Andrew Hirst with employer engagement and event organisation.

  • Thomas Krauss

    Thomas has led numerous EU projects with industry partners.  He has also supervised PhDs  sponsored by Agilent, Osram and Intel.  He specialises in semiconductor nanofabrication and nanophotonic structures and devices.Thomas was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 1995 and quickly established an international reputation. He became a professor at St Andrews in 2000 and moved to York in 2012.

  • Alastair Buckley

    Alastair brings years of industry experience to his research and teaching. Before joining the University of Sheffield in 2009, he worked for MicroEmissive Displays, developing technology for products like Google Glass. His research on solar energy and materials is driven by creative partnerships with architects, social scientists and engineers.  As well as teaching maths and instrumentation, Alastair supervises enterprise projects for students.

  • Kate Lancaster

    In her role at the University of York, Kate connects plasma physics researchers with industry partners to nurture collaborations.  She also works for the ITER fusion energy project in France helping UK businesses win contracts to build the facility. Kate has a PhD from Imperial College London and 10 years research experience in laser-driven energy.

  • David Mowbray

    David’s experience makes him a natural choice for the academy and we’re very pleased to have him on board.  His research on improving the performance of semiconductor lasers sees him collaborate with UK and Eu companies.  As a teacher he ran the physics laboratory at Sheffield for a number of years, working with students to develop new experiments. David also works with the Institute of Physics – the national physics body that promotes physics education and applied research worldwide.