R&D Challenge 2016/17

Get your hands on the problem solvers of tomorrow, today

The White Rose Industrial Physics Academy is seeking industrial projects for groups of 3rd and 4th year undergraduate physics students. Computation; simulation; instrumentation; metrology; materials; big data. Our students are ready for any technical challenge you can throw at them.

Overview – models for working together

  • – A chance to get a problem solved or to gain fresh insight into a problem
  • – The opportunity to establish links with a local physics department
  • – A public relations and recruitment opportunity
  • – Some free manpower!

3rd Year BSc Student R&D projects  

Students work in small groups (e.g. 3-5 students) to address your R&D challenge. The completion of the project is a major component of their work for the year. These projects are based at the university and the students are supervised by a relevant staff member and company employee. Their roles are to facilitate the project. The department provides lab space, basic laboratory equipment and a small budget for the purchase of equipment, consumables and travel.

 4th Year MPhys Student R&D projects

Similar to the above in that students work in small groups or on an individual basis. The projects can be based at the university or at the company.  In the latter case, a student would complete all their final year exams prior to joining the company. The individual would then work full-time for 4 months (mid Jan 2017 – mid May 2017) before graduating. The expectation is that the company will pay the student or will cover living costs.

Case Studies

This call for projects is associated with modules running across the WRIPA universities.  Successful projects will be allocated to the most appropriate University based on access to relevant academic expertise and specialist equipment.

To discuss an idea please email: info@wripa.ac.uk