Industy Led Projects

See how these partnerships have worked together

  • Next-generation microscopes

    This high tech company supply medical research, big pharma and hospitals with state-of-the-art instruments. We’re planning two projects together. The first aims to understand the concept of brightness and map photon flux. The second looks at low-cost alternatives to ultra-high resolution microscopes.

  • Detecting infinite possibilities

    Once you’ve worked with the academy, you’ll want to repeat the experience. Last year a group of four students worked with Kromek to characterise the performance of a new type of radiation detector. This year we are planning a more detailed masters level research project on gamma ray detection.

  • Cleaner vacuum technology

    When it comes to innovation, they’re already a household name. But like all true innovators, Dyson never misses a chance to get better. Our masters students are going to analyse the physical principles relating to air flow and dust pick-up in vacuum cleaners in order to understand from first principles and suggest further improvements.

  • Understanding fermentation processes

    This world-class, Yorkshire-based supplier of components and sub-systems has generously donated a piece of industry-standard microwave equipment to make collaborations easier. Our students are currently using it to examine the chemical changes in alcoholic drinks during the fermentation process.

  • Aerospace and nuclear components for the AMRC

    The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing sets a new standard for collaborations between universities and industry. ┬áIn the coming year physics students will undertake a masters level research project to develop next generation temperature measurement to control machining processes.