2020 Virtual WRIPA Fair

A brilliant networking experience for students.
& A fantastic opportunity for companies to raise their profile with Physics students.

7th Annual Physics Industry Recruitment and Placement Fair
Wednesday 21st October 2020, 13:00 -16:00

For Businesses

A fantastic opportunity for companies to raise their profile with Physics students from some of the best universities in the region

  • Free to exhibit and participate: all costs covered by WRIPA funding
  • Connect with students through 1:1 appointments, Q&A panel discussions and presentations
  • Promote your business and vacancies through our recruitment fair App
  • Access to all university physics students from The Midlands and The North
  • Attracts 700-900 physics students, including undergraduates and postgraduates
  • Complete the booking form if you would like to participate as an employer, or for further information, contact Beth Medley, beth.medley@york.ac.uk or Dr Andrew Hirst, andrew.hirst@york.ac.uk.

    For Students

    A brilliant opportunity to network and explore the diverse sectors available to you as a Physicist

  • Free to attend: no registration fees
  • Meet a range of employers from sector leading companies such as TPP, BAE Systems, Goon Hilly, Appleyard Lees, Luxinar and many more
  • Hear from employers, alumni and students with industry experience, getting a complete 360° overview
  • Sign up for activities such as 1:1 appointments with employers
  • Access the virtual fair from anywhere, across any of your devices, with Career Fair Plus
  • To access the fair, visit Career Fair Plus. You can download the app, continue as a student and search for WRIPA. For more information, you can get in touch with your university’s designated officer, or send an email to Beth Medley, beth.medley@york.ac.uk


    Who’s at the fair?

    Physicists are highly employable across diverse industries, which is evident by the range of employers represented at the 2020 WRIPA Fair