Our students are highly achieving scientists with a natural aptitude for problem-solving.
They can help you overcome your biggest challenges.

How do we help you with research and development?

We supply
student interns
to work on research problems

Our students have the skills and enthusiasm to undertake extracurricular placements aimed at answering your research questions. We offer a range of options for setting up internships, from formalised Year in Industry programmes to bespoke month-long collaborations. Whatever task you want doing, we will work with you to set up the placement most suitable to your need and resources.

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We set up
undergraduate research projects

Research projects are a great way to for you to gain fresh insight into problems in areas from programming and data analysis to materials science and product design. An expert with extensive research experience will supervise a team of students as they explore a topic that is important to your business. Projects run for six months and can take place on campus or at your own facility – whatever works best for you.

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We provide
scientific expertise
to support innovation

Our physics departments work with businesses across many sectors, and we have a strong record of supporting knowledge exchange and product innovation. Within our departments we have world-leading experts in theoretical and applied science. Together with our commercial and governmental partners, these experts can advise you on technological developments across many fields.

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Who will help you?

Our team of business engagement officers will help you find the solution to your research question