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Many highly qualified physics graduates turn away from a career in a technical industry because they don’t know what it has to offer. At the White Rose Industrial Physics Academy, our mission is to bring students and businesses together to foster innovation and retain talent within Yorkshire, Humberside and the East Midlands. We organise internships, workshops and conferences throughout the year. So whether you’re a physics fresher or CEO of a FTSE 100 company, see what we can do for you today!

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Our physics students excel in numerical science subjects and have a natural aptitude for problem-solving. They study cutting-edge research in branches of science ranging from polymer physics and semiconductor nanotechnology to biophysics and medical imaging. They are expert coders, laboratory technicians and statistical analysts. What does this mean for you? A serious boost to your research and development at a fraction of the usual cost. A rich resource you didn’t know you had.

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Yorkshire, Humberside and the East Midlands boast hundreds of firms looking for smart, technologically savvy scientists like you. They value your problem-solving skills, your deep knowledge of maths and physics, and your computing and coding ability. Working with these companies will give you unrivalled experience of using your hard-won knowledge to tackle important real-world problems. Let our team advise you on where to start. Take your first step on this journey of opportunity today.

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With our support, over 250 students have found industrial placements, summer internships and commercially focussed research projects with more than 30 companies since 2014. Thanks to their experience, these students have gone on to start careers in sectors ranging from medical physics and nuclear energy to banking and data security. The businesses who helped develop their talent have recruited many of them as graduate employees. Let their stories inspire you to begin your own.

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Our diverse mix of team members bring skills and knowledge from a broad range of backgrounds. Our five business engagement officers use their commercial acumen to set up valuable collaborations across northern England. Specialist advisors help our students to identify and successfully apply for opportunities, whilst our team of academics shares insight across many scientific fields. Explore our team profiles to find the person you need to speak to.

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