Our contacts make the big decisions in educational, governmental and commercial organisations.
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How do we help you raise your profile?

We organise
events and activities
for you to engage students

Our students are always keen to hear about the career options that are open to them after their degree. You can introduce your company to them with a presentation or skills workshop, or as part of a more informal event such as a dinner or drop-in session. If you can’t commit to a physical visit, we can organise a webinar. This webinar can be streamed to a single university or shared across our regional consortium.

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We follow
your advice to develop
work-based university curricula

We want to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the skills to drive future technological innovation, and we base our teaching on real-life case studies as often as possible. Tell us about any abilities or knowledge which your graduate recruits are lacking, and we’ll incorporate those topics into our curricula. If you want to be involved in developing a new module or experimental workshop yourself, our lecturers are always ready to discuss the possibilities.

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We put
you in touch with
influential partners

We have strong contacts throughout governmental, commercial and academic organisations. Whether you need help finding funding for a new business venture or would like advice on how to establish a presence in north-east England, we can show you the right people to talk to.

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Who will help you?

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