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Careers in Physics and Beyond

Not sure what you can do with your physics degree? Use our Career Compass to discover more!

Explore all the different paths a Physics degree opens once you graduate. From Physics focused research to the healthcare industry, finance, uniform services and everything in between.

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2. How it Works

The Career Compass uses a tree structure containing 3 questions designed to begin your thought process on what you would like your ideal career/job to have. Don't forget that if you're unsure about your preferences or like more than one option, you can always click back to change your answers and see a different list of careers.

This app was created by Alison Voice (University of Leeds) and Helen Vaughan (University of Liverpool) with help from students sponsored by Laidlaw Scholarships, to showcase the wide diversity of careers open to physicists, and tailor the search according to individual’s skills and preferences.



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