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Research & Publications

We work with partners to quantify the impact of our programmes, to organise national meetings and workshops, and to disseminate our results and recommendations.


Graduate Mobility Study

We are currently collaborating with the Higher Education Statistics Authority and Jisc to quantify our impact on graduate employment. Using data for students who graduated between 2011 and 2017, we hope to identify the factors which are most important in helping graduates secure skilled technical jobs within the region.

Student Resilience Study

We conduct surveys to assess the confidence and determination of our students. Together with colleagues from the University of York’s Department of Education, we are analysing the survey results in order to quantify the impact of programmes aimed at improving student resilience and career-readiness.

Work Readiness Study

We are developing a study to understand how the personal traits of our physics students affect their success in applying for internships and graduate jobs. Under our guidance, a group of undergraduates at the University of Leeds will carry out surveys of their fellow students across all five partner universities.