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WRIPA & SEPnet Workshop 2019

Physics-Industry Collaboration: Aligning Student Skills with Local Economic Needs

Thursday 25 July 2019, Institute of Physics, London N1 9BU

Chaired by Professor Sir William Wakeham


The Office for Students (OfS) focuses on higher education participation, experience, outcomes and value of money. At the same time, the UK Industrial Strategy identifies ‘Places’ as a key “foundation of productivity” to address poor productivity performance, pronounced regional differences in economic performance and regional disparities in R&D funding.

To address the twin challenges of graduate outcomes and regional economic prosperity, university physics departments need to consider the extent of ‘place-based’ decision making in student graduate career choices and how to engage with regional employers. This workshop will engage with those who have embedded work-based learning into curriculum design, formed partnerships with regional employers and embedded entrepreneurialism into student skill training. It will provide the opportunity to build a wider network of employability focused academic and professional staff and will include
presentations and case studies from the Office for Students, Institute of Physics and physics departments.


Keynote: Supply and demand for higher level skills: challenges and opportunities

Dr Brooke Storer-Church, Skills and Industrial Strategy Manager, Office for Students

Aligning professional skills of graduates across STEM disciplines to meet regional employer needs

Robyn Henriegel, Accreditation and Professional Standards Manager & Amy Pearson,
Registration Manager, Institute of Physics

Innovative collaborations with local industry – case studies

Professor Manus Hayne, Department of Physics, Lancaster University

Dr Alastair Buckley, Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield

Amy Hearst, Production Engineer, vivaMOS Ltd

Enterprise for Scientists – innovative approaches to embedding business and entrepreneurial skills in the science curriculum

Trevor Farren, Business Development Manager, Faculty of Science, University of Nottingham