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Faraday Scientific are based in Sheffield and produce software and instrumentation for metrology and control purposes, the business has extensive experience of instrument related software engineering. 

Daniel Barry, an alumni of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Sheffield and a software developer at Faraday Scientific worked with undergraduate students in 2019-20 to develop a Group Industrial Research Project (GRIP). The success of this project lead the business to create a summer internship, as they realised they would benefit from the help and support of a physics student. Anne Booth, Student Employability Manager, invited suitable students based on their coding and programming skills and experience to apply for the position. The successful student was Anthony Ellul who was well matched to the role.

Anthony‚Äôs internship at Faraday Scientfic focused on developing an optical infrared sensor system, through the use of C++. He utilised hardware skills and applied problem solving, project management and data analysis skills whilst in the role. 

This project demonstrates a sustained and beneficial relationship with the employer from GRIP to internship. The business has benefited through support from Anthony to solve a technical problem, and it has enabled him to make a key career decision, the desire to apply physics in an engineering environment. The internship has enabled Anthony to develop his electronic engineering skills and ultimately apply for a  Masters in Electronic Engineering.