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MetaB3E (previously known as MKL) is a Customer Experience (CX) and Tech (Digital Facilities Management) company that specialises in electrical engineering and transformational IoT technology – especially around sustainability, energy management systems and operational efficiency. They identified that a physics student could help support the building of a bespoke EMS (Energy Management System) to sit within their IoT (Internet of Things) platform. The purpose of the EMS is to track live energy usage and spend within a commercial environment.

Ash Sriraman, a 2nd year BSc Physics student at the University of York, applied her programming knowledge and problem solving skills to design, develop and test dashboards that were delivered straight to customers. She demonstrated a great attitude to the tasks given and helped the company to upgrade the platform and customise widgets.

Overall, it was felt to be a very positive experience for both the company and the intern. Ash said:

“This internship (gave me) the opportunity to develop individually, try out different/potential career streams, and meet inspirational people in the workplace.”

The project is just the start of a new relationship with the University of York, as WRIPA has helped MetaB3E to connect with other academic departments and projects such as PAPI and the York Management School.