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Private or Online Tutor

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Role Description

Tutors work with students to enhance their learning across different subjects and prepare them for educational qualifications and tests. They provide tailored tuition and offer specialist skills, methods or approaches to support individual learning needs.

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Starting salary: £30-£42 per hour.
With experience: £50-£60 per hour.

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Work hours depend on number of students and typically demand time in evenings or weekends.

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This is a more flexible career choice and can provide experience for further career development.

Skills Valued by Employers

  • Sound understanding of the subject(s) and tests you tutor in
  • Knowledge of revision and exam techniques
  • Planning skills to prepare for each session and keep track of varied timings
  • Interpersonal skills for building a rapport with students and their families
  • Oral communication skills to explain subjects and test information effectively
  • Writing skills to provide comments and feedback on students’ work
  • IT skills to provide online tutoring
  • Patience and understanding of individual learning needs
  • Confidence to encourage, praise and challenge students’ progress
  • A level of professionalism when entering people’s homes
  • Business skills to manage your costs and payments
  • Social media skills to promote yourself and your services.


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