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Radiation Protection Consultant

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Role Description

Radiation protection deals with health, safety and environmental protection regarding radiation and hazardous materials. You use scientific techniques and equipment to measure and monitor radiation and assess risks.

You’ll give advice and guidance about the possible hazards of ionising radiation, such as X-rays, as well as radioactive materials and waste. This can include advising about legal requirements and making recommendations for design improvements. Some practitioners also advise on non-ionising matters, such as radar, mobile phone mast, laser and ultraviolet light radiation.

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Typically: £22,000-£30,000.
As RPAs: £35,000-£65,000.
In NHS: £38,890 and £44,503.

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Typical hours of 9am-5pm, with overtime including weekends or shifts. On-call work to provide cover for emergency arrangements.

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With experience, you may choose to work as a freelance consultant or set up your own consultancy.

Skills Valued by Employers

  • Able to apply scientific theory to day-to-day problem solving
  • Good numeracy skills
  • Communication skills to convey complex information simply to a range of stakeholders
  • Capacity to think clearly in an emergency
  • Good teamworking skills
  • Practical and innovative approach to work
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to negotiate with tact and diplomacy
  • Management and leadership skills (for more senior positions).