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Archie Cable

University of York

MPhys Physics with Astrophysics
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The Company;

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The Big Picture

Archie carried out a 5-week placement with biomass-energy company Castle European Limited in summer 2015. He researched the benefits and disadvantages of different renewable-energy sources for production within the European Union.

“It gave me confidence… I went into a place that was completely unknown to me… and I produced a good report and the presentation that I did at the end went well… so it shows that I can react to situations… and enjoy them and feel comfortable and learn from them…”

In Archie’s Own Words…

… And the Next Step

Archie graduated with an MPhys degree in June 2018. He is now studying for a PhD in theoretical particle physics at Imperial College London.

“There’s a lot of theory in physics but actually the application bit comes from real-world experience…”