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Chris: So you’re in the middle of your physics degree and thinking about what you’re going to do next. 

Nicola: Physics looks great on your CV. People will want you. 

Chris: Maybe you’re just enjoying all that university has to offer. 

Harry: My, um, framework of thinking can very much be seen as kicking the decision can down the road.

Chris: Or perhaps you’re already thinking about your first career moves. 

Xanthe: I knew nothing. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. 

Chris: You might be thinking of a Master’s or a PhD. 

Natalie: So I’m gonna do the integrated masters, and then I’m gonna go do a PhD, and then I’m gonna go and be the next Brian Cox. 

Chris: Maybe you want to mix in some travel.

Calum: It was my first experience travelling outside of Europe. I learned an incredible amount about myself. 

Chris: Maybe you’re just keeping your options open. 

Lottie: You never really know what’s going to come around. 

Chris: You might be feeling a bit nervous about starting a career. 

Jonathan: What am I doing? I am in no way qualified to be here.

Chris: You might be feeling a bit of imposter syndrome. 

Natalie: Oh, it’s so real. 

Chris: What you need is Potential, a brand new physics careers podcast from WRIPA. The White Rose Industrial Physics Academy. Potential gathers the experiences of eight physics graduates, all now exploring their new career paths. It’s full of useful insights and wisdom. 

Sam: Work out what is good enough for you, and what is good for you. 

Chris: With episodes about dealing with doubt, exploring the world, falling on hard times, and then picking yourself up again and embracing change. 

Natalie: You don’t have to be interested in the same thing for your entire life. Like it’s, it’s fine. 

Chris: Potential. A podcast for physics students who are looking for a bit of support and guidance for their future career journey.

Xanthe: I’m gonna be self-confident today.

Chris: Coming your way, mid 2023. 

Xanthe: I’m gonna smash it. It’ll be fine. It’ll be good.