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Applications Developer

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Role Description

Applications developers make computer or mobile apps using various languages or platforms to suit the client’s requirements. They generally have in-depth knowledge of at least one programming language and deal only with applications that interface(interact) with users and not ‘systems’ applications that deal with the actual functioning of the device.

You might write applications, or apps, for either a particular system, such as Windows or Android, or across numerous platforms, including computers and mobile devices.

These apps may be in the form of generic products, or bespoke solutions for individual clients.


Student Case Studies

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Graduate: £20,000. With experience: £34,000 to £40,000. Senior positions: £45,000 to £70,000.

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Typically 9am to 5pm, but working overtime and weekends to meet deadlines is common practice.

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You can work within a particular type of application, such as databases, or have an in-depth knowledge of one language, like Java or C++.

Skills Valued by Employers

  • high-level programming and related technical skills
  • ingenuity and creativity
  • a logical approach to problem solving
  • analytical capabilities
  • the ability to work well under pressure
  • experience of development methodologies, such as the Waterfall model and Agile
  • attention to detail
  • tenacity and patience
  • communication skills, including the ability to convey information to non-technical colleagues concisely
  • an understanding of business processes and constraints.