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Research Scientist

a scientist working in a lab

Role Description

As a research scientist your role will be to design, set up and run scientific experiments that will help to answer research questions and shed light on specific phenomena under investigation. This is a very broad role, so you can do tasks such as literature research, plan and design an experimental set-up, collect and analyse data and supervise laboratory staff and ensure the smooth running of experiments.


When progressing in this area, this role usually also includes writing and publishing scientific papers, as well as giving talks at conferences around the world. Your research can be in many different areas of science, such as nanoscience, quantum physics or condensed matter to name a few. You can read more about the opportunities in: Interested to work at a Scientific Research Institute?


Student Case Studies


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Starting salary: £30,000+ (2023)
Senior position: £55,000 to £65,000+ (2023)

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Usually 9am to 5pm when working in a laboratory, field work might include other hours and weekends.

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While the majority of your work will be research and laboratory based, you will be able to collaborate with well-known scientists or educational facilities around the world.

Skills Valued by Employers

  • Ability to work independently and as a team
  • Great problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Great communication skills, verbal and written
  • Ability to plan and conduct scientific experiments
  • Ability to work with regard to health and safety requirements
  • IT skills
  • Great attention to detail