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James Waller

University of York

MPhys Physics
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Why did you apply for an internship with Peratech?  

It was a chance to explore my interests in coding whilst practising applying the skills I have learned as a physicist in experimentation, problem-solving, communication, and analysis. 

What projects are you involved in at Peratech? 

I was mainly involved in projects focusing on testing procedures and data analysis. For the testing procedures, I developed code to automate the testing apparatus and test routines. I also conducted research into different analysis techniques and methods to reduce noise in the data. My studies helped me improve the data analysis and testing code, resulting in better data for the team to work with. 

What have been the highlights of your internship? 

There have been many highlights. Working on real-world applications has validated the need for the skills I was taught throughout my time at university. Applying the analytical, statistical, experimental, and report writing skills, and practising effective communication of my results, has also helped me a lot. And I’ve gained a lot more self-confidence in developing and writing code to solve everyday problems. 

What have you gained from your internship with Peratech? 

Personally, I have been able to gain insights into more in-depth business practices. I’ve also used my self-taught coding skills in real-life problems and experienced applying my learned skills through university in a real-world setting. Importantly, I have been able to apply my logic and problem-solving skills to entirely different scenarios than in academia.  My time at Peratech has given me confidence in my abilities in a non-academic future.  

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