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Thomas Butcher

University of York

MPhys Physics
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Why did you apply for a summer internship?  

“I was initially attracted to this position as I have a keen interest in technology and wanted to develop my coding skills. In addition, there were strong links between what I have studied in my physics degree and the technology at Peratech, which meant it was a well-suited opportunity for me.”

What projects were you involved with at Peratech? 

“During my internship at Peratech, I collaborated with another intern to develop an existing set of Python codes. The aim was to train an artificial intelligence model to optimise sensor designs. I spent time enhancing my Python coding skills, creating documentation, and improving the code based on the project objectives.”

What has been the highlight of your internship? 

“The highlight of my internship was seeing the code that I had developed being used in the AI that Peratech will use. I also enjoyed working with Dr Tim Wiles, who was a great mentor. I felt he provided the right balance of challenge and support. It was gratifying to apply the Physics that I have studied in an actual industry situation.”

What have you gained from your internship with Peratech? 

“After my internship at Peratech, I have more confidence in being involved in a working environment, which will be extremely valuable when I graduate. I have also greatly furthered my coding skills, particular in AI and machine learning. I can use the skills and knowledge I have gained from this experience in my final year project at university, and they will also enhance my employability.”

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