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Data Analyst

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Role Description

Data Analyst will suit you if you’re highly analytical, have strong mathematical skills and are curious and inquisitive. They are in high demand across all sectors, from finance and consulting to even manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government and education.

You can work across a range of areas, including:

  • business intelligence
  • data assurance
  • data quality
  • finance
  • higher education
  • marketing
  • sales.


Student Case Studies

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Entry-level: £23,000-£25,000.
With experience: £30,000 and £35,000.
Senior positions: £60,000 or more.

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Typically 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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Data analysis is a fast-growing field and skilled analysts are in high demand across all sectors(like healthcare, manufacturing, education, media and real estate). Thus, advancing in the role should be a fairly quick process.

Skills Valued by Employers

  • Excellent numerical and analytical skills
  • Knowledge of data analysis tools
  • Familiarity with other relational databases (e.g. MS Access)
  • Knowledge of data modelling, data cleansing, and data enrichment techniques
  • Hadoop open-source data analytics
  • Google Analytics, SEO, keyword analysis and web analytics aptitude, for marketing analyst roles
  • An understanding of data protection issues
  • for some roles, an awareness and knowledge of industry-specific databases and data sets
  • experience of statistical methodologies and data analysis techniques
  • the ability to produce clear graphical representations and data visualizations.